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World of Artisans

Nth Enterprise was born from an ardent desire amongst its founders to create a larger canvas than what exists today, for all the beautiful and unparalleled creativity that the artisans of Pakistan have been quietly perfecting for centuries.

Rock faces and caves, village walls, the floor, a threshold, palm leaf, a piece of wood, or even the palm of a hand is enough for a canvas or artwork. For colors, the infinite variety provided by nature from flowers, leaves or stones suffices. The instinctive urge to honor nature and avoid polluting it allows people with traditional wisdom to experiment with any nautral resources they find around them. Even when they move to pigments to consequently brighten their images, expressions, stories, motifs and local identities, they remain true to their known cultural understanding.

We hope to be able to feature Pakistani art and craft in its most unique and contemporary form and bring it closer to people accross the globe. This site inhabits a wide selection of products from every corner of the country. The effort is to provide an undeniably unique selection of traditional art and craft translated into attractive, contemporary products.

We offer a wide selection of unique, daily use articles for homes and offices, and various other decors from various corners of the country. What sets the products apart is the beautiful craftmanship and the guarantee of quality that they come with. Entitled as the 'Perfect Gift' option - one is spoilt for the choice. Whatever one chooses, is guaranteed to delight at amazingly affordable prices.

We ensure that all products featured are of the best standard and quality in terms of looks, feel, design and craftmanship.

Nth Enterprise welcomes you to the world of the Pakistani Artisan!


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